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Weight vests can help you build strength and endurance and take regular workouts to the next level.

For anyone who wants to boost their training intensity without a gym worth of supplies, weighted vests give a quick fix solution that will increase the arduous challenge while allowing you to keep your hands free. 

The vests can be used for hiking, running, casual walks, plyometric and weight training.

When you feel you’ve hit a plateau on bodyweight workouts or cardio, weighted vests can add needed resistance for every pushup or run.


The affordable equipment can add an extra challenge to any workout any time of the year, but they’re most commonly used on America’s Memorial Day weekend in the Crossfit community to honour an American military Hero Called Marc Murphy, Whom the workout is honourably named After. 


Evolution Athletic offers a selection of Tactical Weight Vest colours and 10lb or 20lb weight plate options. More plates can be added at the user’s desire.

All weight vests come with the ability to be adjusted from a small size to an extra large size, so no need to stress about size selection when shopping for our weight vests online. 


Evolution Athletic has an extensive range of equipment and a great team here in Perth to help you find the right category of free weights for your needs, from weight plates, barbells, kettlebells, weight storage, training accessories and weight vests online. Call the team by phone on 0483 282 721, by email at admin@evolutionathletic.com.au or visit us in Osborne Park. Check our hours of operation here.